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At Espai d’Homes we accompany gay and sexually diverse men* to consciously explore interpersonal relationships, intimacy and sexuality.

Our goal is to create a safe and supportive framework in which you can open yourself to processes of transformation and personal growth, a space to connect with yourself and experience a more conscious encounter with other men.

In our work in the field of sexuality we encourage experiences that help you to root your experiences and sexuality in your body, promoting greater enjoyment and more satisfying intimate relationships.

* Our activities are open to gay, bi and trans men as well as queer and non-binary people.

How can we help you?

We offer you individual accompaniment sessions to explore and deepen your process. These sessions are adapted to fit your personal needs.

Deepen yourself and your experience as a man. Explore how to build more authentic and satisfying relationships in a personal growth group with other men.

An opportunity to advance in your sexual and human development. An invitation to explore intimacy within a community of gay and sexually diverse men. To live your sexuality in a freer, more responsible and creative way.


«I feel that this retreat has given me experiences and strategies that are effective and transformative. I have lived the intimate contact, the touch and the conscious gaze as intense experiences that have had in me a revealing effect of a new way of touching and feeling. I also take with me some great affection and friendship that I have experienced with some people in the group.»


«I have gained deeper self-knowledge about my sexuality and the way I relate to other gay men. Being less cognitive and more emotional, trusting more in my truth, the core of my being.»

Participante Grupo ENTRE HOMBRES

«I feel more self-confident and more able to listen to my wants and needs. The experience has been very positive. It has given me tools to understand and improve my life.»

Participante Grupo ENTRE HOMBRES

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