Founded in 2009


Our goal is to create a framework of safety and support in which men can open themselves to processes of transformation and personal growth,. A space to connect with themselves and experience a more conscious and deeper encounter with other men*.


Our methodology is based on Gestalt and Somatic Sexuality (> more info), combined with other methods of personal growth.
Our values are awareness, diversity, respect, honesty, fun and communication.

Directed by

Peter Kogelbauer

Gestalt therapist, somatic sex educator.
Certified Sexological Bodyworker.
Specialised training in body-based creative processes (Cuerpo y Arte).
Trainer in communication, group processes and emotional intelligence.
Director of the Instituto de Cuerpo y Sexualidad, Barcelona.
Of Austrian origin. Lives and works in Barcelona.

In his courses, trainings and individual sessions he has specialised in accompanying people in their personal growth in intimacy and sexuality. He collaborates with different training and therapy centres in Spain and Central Europe.


Andrés Gracia

Therapist – Coach

Gestalt therapist
Master in NLP.
Professional and business coaching.
Trained in participatory dynamics.
Trained in Tantra and Conscious Sexuality.
Extensive experience as a group facilitator in the social field.
Andrés has been a facilitator of a therapeutic group of gay men at the Institut Gestalt, Barcelona.
More than 5 years experience accompanying gay and sexually diverse men on the path of acceptance and search for fulfillment.

Ernesto Novales

Group facilitator

Contact Improvisation dance teacher
Improviser and performer
Enneatype Psychology – SAT Program
Circle of Authentic Movement
Facilitator of groups of intimacy between GTB+ men (Aquelarre Marica)
Trainee in Gestalt Therapy and Group Facilitation.
Currently in the process of training in Somatic Sexuality.

Teo Valls

Therapist – Coach

Gestalt therapist.
Art therapist.
Experience in accompanying trans people and their families in the transition processes.
More than 10 years of experience working in and researching about workshops on masculinity with children, adolescents and adults.
Practitioner of Shiatsu, Chikung, Karate, Meditation.

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