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Peter Kogelbauer

Summer Retreat 2022
July 30th – August 5th

Te invitamos a disfrutar de un retiro en la naturaleza acompañado de otros hombres.

Slow down your pace.
Connect with the here-and-now.
Acquire new skills to deepen your relationships.

This retreat will include group and individual activities focused on strengthening the connection with oneself and one’s own body.

We will create a safe and trusting space to share, reveal ourselves and learn within a circle of men who are on a similar personal journey, in the beautiful surroundings of the natural park.

In our summer retreat you will be able to:

  • Explore your intimacy and your sexuality in a caring and trusting environment.
  • Experience a journey into your inner self:, a bodily, sensory and emotional experience, which will lead you to a greater acceptance of yourself.
  • Get to know the different qualities of your masculinity.
  • Explore your vitality and a rediscovery of your pleasure.

To explore your intimacy, we will train ourselves with being in the here-and-now. In this way you will be able to create a more intimate connection with yourself and build more conscious and nurturing relationships with other men, connecting your sexual energy and your heart in a new way.
This retreat will be an opportunity to nurture and nourish yourself – not only physically – in a beautiful natural setting.

Intimacy, fun, fellowship and personal growth in an unforgettable retreat.

What can the Summer Retreat give you?

  • Learn to be more present in your intimate encounters

  • Nourish yourself with encounters that will touch your heart

  • Experience a conscious and deep connection with other men with similar concerns

  • Become more aware of your needs, limits and desires

  • Connect with your body, your vital energy, your intuition

  • Explore play

  • Learn to feel more confident and improve your self-esteem

  • Learn to better regulate intimate contact with other men

  • Be more spontaneous and creative in your intimacy and in your life

  • Live an unforgettable week in the middle of nature

Retiro de verano entre hombres


“It has been an extraordinary experience of how to build a safe and trusting place as a group, where I have been able to strip myself of so many things, open up and let myself feel and develop bonds and exchanges of enormous emotional, energetic, sensual and affective generosity”

Gonçalo, participante Retiro 2019

What is our methodology?

The summer retreat is focused on facilitating your learning and personal transformation. Throughout the retreat we will be available to accompany you in your process. Deepen your self-knowledge and integrate new skills in your daily life.

We will use:

  • Relaxation
  • Dance and free movement
  • Conscious breathing
  • Conscious touch and massage
  • Meditation in nature
  • Creative expression
  • Playful group activities
  • Reflection and group exchange activities

Our methodology is based on Somatic Sexuality / SOMA Intimacy and Gestalt therapy (humanistic psychology).

The retreat will be held in Spanish and English. To participate it is necessary to be able to communicate in one of the two languages.

Retiro de verano entre hombres

Details about the retreat


Starts: Saturday, 30th July, 19:00
Ends: Friday, 5th August, 16:00

La Bartra
Prades Mountain (Tarragona), Spain



Participation fee

610 € – normal rate
470 € – social rate*

This price does not include the accommodation fee of 340 € (accommodation with full board included).

*for students, unemployed and persons with limited financial resources


Peter Kogelbauer
Somatic sex educator and therapist, Gestalt therapist, founder of the Instituto de Cuerpo y Sexualidad, Barcelona. He has developed the SOMA Intimacy® approach as a training and therapeutic approach to intimacy and sexuality.

There will also be some other collaborators.


“I take away a treasure of self-knowledge. Very real awareness and a great acceptance of who I am.”

Gonçalo, Retreat participant 2019

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