Being Present in the Intimate Encounter

Intimacy and Sexuality among Men*
A space for exploration, healing and growth


An experience in 4 modules over 8 months

This training is an opportunity to develop further your sexual and human development. It is an invitation to explore intimacy within a community of gay and sexually diverse men, to live your sexuality in a freer, more responsible and creative way, and to become fully connected to the core dimensions of yourself.

*The training is open to gay, bi, trans and queer men and other people with similar identities.

  • Do you sometimes feel tired, unsatisfied and empty in your intimate relationships?

  • Have you noticed some limiting patterns that you repeat with your partner(s) and in your intimate life?

  • Do you enjoy your sexuality but would like to better connect with the erotic and pleasure potential that is in your body?

  • Would you like to explore and better manage your sexual and vital energy, to feel more integrated and more complete?

Formación Espai d'homes

One year

Four modules

A community of men committed to their growth

Maybe this sounds familiar to you…

We live in contradictory times in terms of our relationship with sexuality and sex. On one hand we have a great freedom to live our sexuality according to our wishes, a freedom that can at times become an expectation: the more sex you have, the better! On the other hand, it can be a false kind of freedom, of a superficial kind, more absorbed in impressing others. At the same time we are always carrying with us our beliefs from our past as we have probably learnt to associate sexuality with shame, guilt, fears.

As a result, we feel confused, trapped in repetitive patterns and blocks, and we are only in touch with a small part of what we are capable of experiencing and enjoying in our sexuality.

In a culture where more value is given to thinking and reasoning, we relegate the body to second place. Such a culture favours the development of a sexuality based mainly on the cognitive, on fantasy and on external stimuli.

We forget that the body itself is the vehicle to feel whole and complete, to provide us with the fulfilment we are searching for.

  • You harbour a fear of rejection, of asking for what you like, of setting limits.

  • You become demanding of yourself, as if you have to measure up to some standard.

  • You would like to feel more present in the intimate encounter and connect more deeply with your partner(s).

  • You are very concerned about the other person’s pleasure and forget about your own.

  • You have become addicted to social media and porn.

  • You have a partner, and your sexual relations have often become mechanical and monotonous. You would like to feel freer and/or be more creative.

  • Your sexual relationships are going well but you have the feeling that they could be much better and you would like to explore a broader sexuality and experience new sensations. You want to discover deeper, longer-lasting pleasure that is more meaningful to you.

We invite you to deepen your pleasure and increase your ability to enjoy the many facets of your sexuality.

Intimacy and Sexuality among Men

  • A training and therapeutic space aimed specifically at gay and sexually diverse men

  • Based on the approach of somatic sexuality / SOMA Intimacy

  • Offered at Espai d’Homes, with 14 years of experience in accompanying gay, bi and trans men, and queer and non-binary persons.

Apart from the personal process of each participant, we want to facilitate the creation of a community of men who want to cultivate a different way of relating to other men.

The methodology of this training is based on the SOMA Intimacy approach developed by Peter Kogelbauer at the Instituto de Cuerpo y Sexualidad in Barcelona. Its foundations are somatic bodywork, sexological somatic practices (coming from or inspired by Sexological Bodywork), and Gestalt therapy, while also integrating a gender perspective and trauma-sensitive somatic work, among other methods.

We especially address men who have been on a path of personal growth for some time and wish to deepen in their exploration of sexuality

What does our training consist of?

A total of 4 intensive training module

Our training is conceived as a process of learning and deep transformation in sexuality and in life in general.

The training develops progressively: each module is an invitation to take more steps towards your growth and healing.


2 retreats in nature

2 of the 4 intensive training modules will take place in a rural house in Catalonia.

Disconnect from the noise and rush of everyday life and enjoy the tranquility of a rural house in order to facilitate a deepening of your personal process. The setting is a perfect environment to harmonise your sexual and loving energy and learn while being in community with the other participants.

Regular somatic practice and accompaniment between modules

Different somatic and reflective practices, both during and between the workshops, are a cornerstone of the training.

Between the workshops we will create a supportive and containing framework for you to deepen your personal process. You will have access to a virtual platform with study material and audio-visual instructional material, and there will also be online group meetings. We want to be close to you in order to really accompany you in your process.

Somatic practices

During the training you will be able to experience innovative somatic practices. Learn how to dissolve blockages and become more present, more connected with your body and your environment. Discover how to unblock and manage your sexual/vital energy making you feel more relaxed, powerful and confident.

Contemporary approach

Our methodology is based on somatic sexuality (SOMA Intimacy) and Gestalt therapy. While we also draw from other sources and traditions, such as Tantra and Taoism, we prefer to use contemporary language and concepts. Our experience tells us that, in this way, you can integrate what you experience and learn in the workshops more easily into your daily life.

Community and group support

The men who will be part of the group will be key to your training experience. Each one of them will serve as a mirror for you, reflecting different aspects of yourself. Together we will create an atmosphere of respect, awareness and care so that you can feel safe to open up to your own development, cultivating a new culture of relating to each other.


“The feeling after each weekend is one of a more deeply-gained wholeness.
The group offers great support and the facilitators are excellent at helping us get out of our comfort zones, while creating a very welcoming and safe environment.”

Michael – participant in the Summer Retreat and in the Somatic Sexuality Training

Training objectives

  • Open up and commit yourself to a process of personal transformation in your intimacy and in your life.

  • Connect more the experience of your sexuality more with your body.

  • Train in communication skills that help you build more conscious and nurturing intimate relationships.

  • Explore the healing potential of pleasure

  • Integrate sexual energy with sensuality and love

  • Acquire skills to deepen your intimacy and shared sex life (with your partne r(s), etc.)

  • Become more aware of your unique talents as a gay, bi, trans man, queer or non-binary person

  • Get to know pathways to transpersonal experiences through the body and sexuality.

  • Develop your inner resources

  • Feel supported by a group of explorers who are on a similar journey to yours

Do you have any questions about the training?


The foundations of being present in intimacy

  • Establishing a supportive and respectful group framework
  • The 5 pillars of somatic sexuality and their potential to regulate the erotic experience.
  • A number of somatic practices to facilitate your personal transformation
  • Introduction to conscious self-love / self-pleasuring
  • Conscious breathing
  • Somatic regulation (introduction to polyvagal theory)
  • Gender and sexual diversity

Conscious touch, presence and consent

  • Consenting touch (wheel of consent)
  • Desires, limits and personal needs
  • Touch with presence
  • Conscious communication within the group and during intimacy
  • Conscious touch / sensitive and intimate massage

Somatic healing and exploration practices

  • Massage and conscious whole-body touch
  • Body meditations and genital meditations focusing on pleasure
  • Meditations and somatic practices in nature
  • Intimate massage techniques
  • Anal exploration
  • Anal massage
  • Expansive energies and pathways to states of ecstasy
  • Introduction to playing with boundaries (submission – domination)
  • Tenderness, aggression and eros
  • Love, sexuality and spirituality

My personal path in intimacy and sexuality

  • Sexual autobiography
  • My relationship with men
  • The 5 erotic languages (inspired by Jaiya’s erotic blueprints)
  • The core erotic theme
  • Different models of intimate relationships in the gay, queer, + world.
  • Masculinities, sexualities and homosexualities
  • My strengths and potentials
  • Freedom, responsibility and creativity in intimacy


Peter Kogelbauer / Espai d'Homes Peter Kogelbauer / Espai d'Homes

Peter Kogelbauer

Training coordinator and trainer. Founder of Espai d’Homes and the Instituto de Cuerpo y Sexualidad, Barcelona.
He has developed the SOMA Intimacy® approach as a training and therapeutic approach to intimacy and sexuality.

Ernesto Morales / Espai d'Homes Ernesto Morales / Espai d'Homes

Ernesto Novales

Facilitator of men’s groups, and movement and contact workshops.

The program will be adapted to the needs and interests of the group

A unique training for gay and sexually diverse men who want to discover a broader and more satisfying sexuality and be part of a community of men committed to their development.

2023 Training Group
3rd February to 11th September

Intensive Training

3rd – 5th February

Starts: Friday, 3rd Feb., 17:00

Ends: Sunday, 5th Feb., 18:00

Place: Barcelona

Intensive Training

3rd – 9th April

Starts: Monday, 3rd April, 19:00

Ends: Sunday, 9th April, 16:00

Place: rural house in Catalonia

Intensive Training

June 30th – July 2nd

Starts: Friday, 30th June, 17:00

Ends: Sunday, 2nd July, 18:00

Place:  Barcelona

Intensive Training

7 al 11 de septiembre

Starts: Thursday, 7th Sep., 19:00

Ends: Monday, 11th Sep., 16:00

Place: rural house in Catalonia

Plus 3 online somatic workshops (between the workshops)
from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Monday, 6th March
Monday, 15th May
Monday, 31st July

+ Regular small group tutorials

Prices and payment conditions


Registration and monthly payment


1.850 € early bird rate (for reservations until November 15, 2022)

2.000 € normal rate

(registration fee of 410 € and 6 monthly payments from February to July 2023)

*These prices do not include accommodation and food for the residential workshops.


Single payment

Full payment upfront and benefit from a discount of 150 €.

1.700 € early bird rate (for reservations until 15th November, 2022)

1.850 € normal rate

*These prices do not include accommodation and food for the residential workshops.

Limited places

We work with small groups (up to 20 people approximately) in order to be able to accompany the group and attend to personal processes.

We want to help and accompany you closely in your sexual and personal growth.

We are looking for participants who are open and eager to discover themselves and to develop as sexual and human beings. Participation requires a personal commitment to a regular somatic or introspective practice (meditation, bodywork, etc.).

The training is open to single persons and persons in partnerships or other intimate relationships.

When we receive your application, we will propose a day and time for an interview with us. We want to get to know you before we begin.

I would like to receive more information


    Upon successful completion of the training requirements of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate of participation.

    A minimum of 85% attendance for the face-to-face workshops and the completion of the assignments (practical exercises) between the workshops is required.

    Experiencing a new way of relating among men

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